Cancer Education Webinars

Are there things about Cancer you have always wanted to know, but was too embarrassed to ask? Do you want to learn the essentials about cancer basics and different types of cancer (Breast, Prostate, Lung, etc.,? Join our webinar and submit your questions to our Board Certified Oncologist, Dr. Camille will provide clarity. Limited spaces available.

Video On-line eLearning

Have you searched the internet for cancer information, read tons of articles, and things are still a blur? Are you overwhelmed by the volume of information you found? If you are a self-motivated visual learner, then video-based eLearning may be your answer. Visit our partner and use Domain5 for a 5% discount on combo-video packages

Seminars & Workshops

Those diagnosed with cancer need support, guidance and encouragement. An added value skill-set for Counselors and Faith-based Leaders can be gained for more effective counseling sessions through our Seminars and Workshops. Counseling is good, but combined with your understanding of the cancer process, you will be even more effective.

Join Dr. Camille's LIVE Webinar

Physicians's interactions are usually quick...and often times, the questions you would like to ask arises after the Doctor's appointments. Sometimes, you may just not feel comfortable asking your questions. In this forum, Dr. Camille is open to any and all questions submitted anonymously during registration. You may also ask questions during the LIVE webinars. There will be several different LIVE webinars schedule throughout the month - choose the one that best fits. Remember, knowledge is power. The more you know, the more you will understand and you will be a better advocate for self and others.

Schedule a Seminar and/or Workshop

Complete either as a solo-Seminar (~1.5hrs), or as a combined Immersive Seminar & Workshop (half-day). In the latter, participants will have a new added value skill set to their counseling portfolio and will be able to: 1) Recall and apply the basics of cancer during counseling sessions 2) Distinguish the differences in common treatment options for common cancers, associated side effects and how they may affect quality of life (QOL) to use in counseling encounters 3) Evaluation through fun, interactive built-in audience response Q&A and small group discussions on various clinical scenarios and psycho-social aspect as it applies to counseling, etc.,

Cancer Education eLearning...

There are 3 highly valuable and popular services offered on Cancer Domain for patients diagnosed with cancer and caregivers who serve them. To cover all educational service and requests, we have an affiliation with Questions 4 Cancer Doctors eLearning. Use Domain5 for a 5% discount on their packages...let them know Dr. Camille sent you!