Curious About Cancer?

Dr. Camille makes the complicated topic of cancer easy.  She uses common layman terms to advocate with and for patients, and in the process makes sure patients understands the common cancer terms necessary for communicating with Cancer Teams.

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Cancer Advocacy

Did you know 1 in 4 adults will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime? Chances are, you already know someone touched by cancer. Let Dr. Camille teach you how to advocate for self, or others during the challenging time of a Cancer Diagnosis.

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Cancer is serious and scary, but with Dr. Camille as your Family Friendly Cancer Advocate and Expert, you can make it through. You have questions and you need answers for self, or a love one. Join our Webinar, submit questions and hear Dr. Camille directly.

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Welcome To Dr. Camille's Cancer Domain!

Dr. Camille is a proud Rutgers University Alumni and is a Board Certified Oncologist trained in Chicago, IL. She is approachable, with a friendly warm smile and she is passionate about serving patients diagnosed with cancer.  She began advocating for patients diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers beginning back in 2005. Over the years, she served various organizations including but not limited: American Cancer Society Speakers Panel, Tom Joyner Morning Show - Wellness Wednesday, Church Leadership Conference, Prostate Cancer Survivor group, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc, to name a few.  She is also passionate about addressing the cancer disparity through education.

Her clinical experiences includes breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, head & neck cancers and other solid tumors. Now, you too can benefit from Dr. Camille's expertise, understand the basics of cancer, learn the fundamental vocabulary to better communicate with your team, and be prepared with appropriate questions to ask your cancer doctors. All directly from your Family Friendly Cancer Doc! Join her for a LIVE Webinar. See upcoming topics and times HERE

Do You Have Questions About Cancer?

You do not have to face cancer alone! Reach out to your family, friends, and/or faith-based leaders for support.  For additional clarity of the cancer process,  join Dr. Camille for one of her enlightening LIVE Webinars. Knowledge is power...